PHOTOS – UK Baseball Senior Day

Hard to believe the regular season has come and gone. UK baseball held its Senior Day ceremonies Friday. Check out Vicky Graff’s pics.


Photo Gallery – UK Baseball Senior Day

  • Troy-Squires-family

  • Seniors

  • Seniors-and-their-families

  • Sean-with-shoulder-device

  • Sean-Hjelle-2

  • Pompey-scores

  • Pompey-safe

  • Moms-pitch-2

  • Moms-pitch-1

  • Luke-Hyer-family

  • Kole-Cottam

  • final-season-at-the-Cliff-1

  • Conference

  • Coach-Troy-Squires

  • Brad-Schaenzer-family

  • Brad-Schaenzer-family-1

  • Alec-Maley-1

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