PHOTOS – All- Second Region Boys’ Soccer Team

Players named to the All-Second Region Boys’ Soccer Team based on voting conducted by coaches based on regular season play were:

Trace Adams – Lyon County

Jack Dodds – Madisonville

Emiliano Sifuentes – Hopkins County Central

Alex Brooks – Madisonville

Tyler Greenwell – Hopkinsville

Will Jolly – Trigg County

Miles Peyton – Madisonville

Elijah Gaines – Trigg County

Mason Rye – Hopkinsville

Cale Wright – Henderson County

Luke McElroy – Madisonville

Jorge Martinez – Webster County

Daniel Martin – Trigg County

Barrett Schultz – Caldwell County

Ian Calvert – University Heights

Will Bryan – University Heights

Emmanuel Ixcol – Christian County

Will McClure – Madisonville

Sam Cloutier – Henderson County

Zach Moore – Hopkinsville

Ryan Roussel – Hopkinsville

Max Wawrin (Player of the Year) – Henderson County


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