Junior Golf Fund Established in Cullan Brown’s Memory

[YourSportsEdge.com Photo]

Cullan Brown’s rise in the game of golf came through the various junior tours that fed into his winning the 2016 state golf tournament at Lyon County High School.

Cullan died last week following a nearly year-long battle with bone cancer.  He was just 20.  Cullan’s father Rodney has established a Gofundme page in his memory for the purpose of growing the game of golf in western Kentucky.

Cullan loved the game of golf.  He loved playing the game, but even more than that, Cullan loved encouraging others in the game,” Rodney said.   “Whether it be competitors, playing partners, or kids just starting out, Cullan loved making them feel good, not just about their game, but themselves also.”

The fund’s goal is $100,000 and had over $18,000 pledged as of mid-week.  Cullan’s sister Cathryn, who will be a sophomore at Lyon County High School this fall, has also grown her golf game on the various junior tours.

“With the help of this fund, we hope to keep Cullan’s legacy alive by helping grow the game of golf in western Kentucky the way he would have wanted it,” Rodney said.

You can donate to the Cullan Brown Memorial Western Kentucky Junior Golf Development Fund by clicking HERE.