Terry Wilson responded with job on line against Vanderbilt but has to show Mark Stoops he can keep doing it

Terry Wilson (SEC Photo)

Terry Wilson had to know his job was on the line when Kentucky played Vanderbilt last week. Forget that he led UK to a 10-3 mark in 2018 and then missed all but two games in 2019 when he hurt his knee. Kentucky had got off to a 2-3 start this year with Wilson as the starter and the Cats had been inconsistent at best with the passing game.

Wilson missed the loss to Georgia due to a wrist injury but Stoops went back to him against Vanderbilt and he responded with his best overall game of the season against one of the SEC’s worst defenses. Now he has to face No. 1 Alabama on Saturday afternoon.

“I was very pleased with Terry, the way he responded and the way he came out and started the game,” Stoops said. “It was very hard to take him out and even let some other guys get some reps because he was playing so effective early in that game and really for the most part of that game Terry really played exceptionally well.

“I thought he was on time with the ball, he was effective throwing the ball, very efficient and was dynamic and decisive in his decision-making in the run game as well. There are things he can improve on but that’s every player. We’ll take a look at some of the reads and a couple things he can do better. But overall, I was pleased with his effort.”

Yet even as pleased as he was, Stoops still gave Wilson a gentle reminder that he needed to keep playing well when he gave true freshman quarterback Beau Allen, a prolific high school passer, a series and let him come out throwing. He also gave Joey Gatewood, the starter against Georgia, more playing time.

“I think both Joey and Beau deserved opportunities. I put Beau in there, and I thought he looked very comfortable and it was good to get his feet wet and get him some reps. I thought he looked good and looked comfortable. That was good to see for us as well and I’ve been talking about the confidence I have in Joey and what he can do,” Stoops said.

2 thoughts on “Terry Wilson responded with job on line against Vanderbilt but has to show Mark Stoops he can keep doing it

  1. LarryPup

    I predict if Allen don’t see a lot of playing time next year he will transfer. He is to talented to ride the bench. He is a QB, and if given the reigns to UK’s offense, and UK can find some capable receivers, he will produce. As for his running ability, he wouldn’t need to do much of that with the running backs UK has IMO. I am not counting Gatewood out either, but if UK wants to be able to throw the football, from what I have seen so far, Allen is their best shot.

    • OldFan

      I agree LP, but we have seen several passing QBs ride the bench until they have decided that enough is enough. The problem is we don’t know if it is Stoops or Gran that refuses to give them the chance. Yes, ultimately it is on Stoops, but many times Stoops has said he wants to give so-and-so a chance, but Gran never puts them in the game, or when they do get in the game they are backed up inside the 10 and Gran just has them handing the ball off. When they don’t make a first down, Gran then says, well they had their chance and didn’t do anything with it, i.e. Gunnar Hoak.
      If Allen leaves UK without getting a true and fair shot, I don’t Stoops will ever get another passing QB to come to UK. Right now, opposing coaches have a laundry list of QBs that were supposed to be good passers but never got the chance under Gran. Add Allen, a hometown kid to this list, and why would anyone that wants a chance even consider UK.
      I think Gran is great with the Running Back Development, but I don’t think he has the confidence in his players to be an OC in a Power 5 Conference.


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