Cats going to Alabama with a “chip on our shoulder”

Quarterback Mac Jones and the Alabama offense will try to put Kentucky down on Saturday. (SEC Photo)

Don’t think Kentucky is going into Saturday’s game at No. 1 Alabama feeling like it has no chance to win even though Alabama is a 31-point favorite.

“Our guys are past that a long time ago. We go to prepare to play the best we can. That is not Coach speak. That is the truth. We worry about ourself no matter who the opponent is. That is never going to change,” Stoops said Thursday.

“As far as our confidence and attitude, we are going to get on that plane with a chip on our shoulder and ready to play well.”

Kentucky is only 3-4 this season but is coming off a win against Vanderbilt where it scored 38 points and quarterback Terry Wilson played more like he did in 2018 when he led UK to 10 wins than he has any other time this season.

Stoops said he was “pissed off” last week after his defense gave up 35 points and 407 yards to Vanderbilt. The Kentucky coach said his defense has been much better in practice this week.

“But you have heard me also mention you can tell through the week (how a team might play). You are not going to win a game because you are excited on Saturday. It is about our preparation and the way we practice and I know that is much improved,” Stoops said. “The guys have responded and I like the urgency and the preparation and way they have gone about it to this point.”

Stoops was not amused when a media member asked him what he meant about Kentucky needing to play a perfect game to win at times.

“I don’t remember ever talking about playing a perfect game. I never said anything like that,” Stoops said.

After a brief pause, Stoops added more.

“We strive, every team … if I have mentioned anything like that it is we strive for perfection but know you are never going to get perfect,” Stoops said.

Saturday might be a day Kentucky has to “get perfect” not to win but just to be competitive.

3 thoughts on “Cats going to Alabama with a “chip on our shoulder”

  1. nostalgic33

    We are at least another coaching staff away from ever having any hope of being a contender in the SEC. Stoops can beat the Popcorn States and SEC bottom feeders…is this his ceiling? Are we going to be content with that or do we just have to settle for that?

    • OldFan

      I think as long as Elliot Uzelac, Jr. is the OC, this is as good as it gets.
      The QBs play like they have no clue, the receivers seldom run all out and if they do, the pass is thrown to someone standing still because UK QBs have no timing and no idea how to hit a player in stride. 90% of UK’s passes are to a player behind the line or barely past the line; then they are either standing still or just walking quickly.
      Watching good QBs, you will notice the ball has left their hand before a receiver has made his cut, or broken free. You never see that from a UK QB.
      I really like Stoops and hope he stays for a long time, but he has got to get someone that knows how to run a complete offense.

  2. OldFan

    This game looks like a coached team against a "neighborhood" team!!
    I hate to say it, but I don’t believe Gran has a clue when he doesn’t have a superstar RB.


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