UK Pro Day not all that helpful to NBA scouts

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas says Pro Day is more of a marketing tool than help to NBA scouts. (ESPN Photo)

Kentucky held its annual Pro Day last week to give John Calipari’s players a chance to make an early impression with NBA scouts. It also gave Calipari a chance to show off his team to the nation during a 90-minute show on the SEC Network. However, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas says Pro Day is not all that helpful to NBA scouts. He says it’s just another “data point” for the scouts.

“It’s a great marketing tool. In the past you got NBA people on campus and that created a lot of interest. I think it is a fun thing for players and they enjoy it,” Bilas said. “Nothing but a good thing. It’s an early job interview.

“But I don’t know of any great value. The best value is how you perform in practice. I have not been to one (practice at UK) where NBA scouts were not there. They are there all the time. A lot more goes into any decision to go pro, get drafted than Pro Day.”

2 thoughts on “UK Pro Day not all that helpful to NBA scouts

  1. Cory

    Dear The Professor,

    If you can not see that both go hand in hand, then you need to update yourself on today’s game. Period. Having players go to the NBA means that you are recruiting the best and you are getting NBA ready players. I’m sorry but we can’t recruit a bunch of KY boys and succeed. I wish we could but we can’t nowadays. The top kids want to get to the NBA. It’s a different culture with the HS kids now. Those are just the facts. I love the fact that Cal embraces that and focuses on his players. It’s really damn hard to win a championship. Really hard!!! All you can ever fairly ask for as a fan is to have your team competing for a title MOST years. That’s exactly what we have here!! Would you rather suck for 3 years and have a shot at a title every 4th season??? Is that what you want? Not me! I’d rather take Cal and let him revamp this team into a contender EVERY year. As a fan, you can’t have it both ways. Either you embrace the current culture and appreciate it or you embrace the old school way and have a chance every 3rd or 4th year. I choose to change with the times and realize that these players are different now. Elite players’ goal is to reach the NBA, not to spend 2-4 years in college chasing a national championship. I don’t like it but those are the truths of players nowadays. It’s just a different culture with players and luckily, we have a coach that can adapt with the times. Once the transfer rule goes into effect next year, he will adapt again. As long as we are knocking on the door each year, that’s all we can fairly expect from our team.

  2. TheProfessor

    Win here and the rest will take care of itself.

    But, somehow, this program has lost its focus on winning here, it is all about the NBA draft all of the time.

    For the first time in my memory, I did not watch a Big Blue Madness, and have frankly lost interest in this program.


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