Isaiah Jackson just makes the game easier for Cats

Isaiah Jackson had 15 rebounds against LSU. (Vicky Graff Photo)

With Kentucky finally hitting some 3-point shots, not turning the ball over regularly and Brandon Boston having another solid game, it was easy to overlook what freshman Isaiah Jackson did in Saturday’s 82-69 win over LSU. It was similar to what happened in the loss at Georgia on Wednesday when he went 6-for-6 from the field, had 12 points and three rebounds.

But against LSU he pulled off 15 rebounds, including four offensive boards, in just 16 minutes. He also went 2-for-5 from the field and 2-for-2 at the foul line to score six points. As usual, he blocked another shot.

“He just makes the game easier,” Boston, who had 18 points and six rebounds, said. “He rebounds, clocks shots and makes it hard for the other team to score. He loves his role. He’s the type of guy that we need.”

Calipari didn’t talk a lot about Jackson in his postgame press conference after UK broke a three-game losing streak. But it was obvious he liked what both Jackson and Olivier Sarr — who had 13 points and five rebounds in 12 minutes — did. Combined the two had 20 rebounds and 19 points in 28 minutes of play.

“How about Isaiah? He got every ball,” Calipari said. “How about Olivier getting a little rough? I told him he has got to get 12 to 15 points for us to win. I don’t care how you do it. Then we can score at a clip where we can hold the other team down.”

6 thoughts on “Isaiah Jackson just makes the game easier for Cats

  1. nostalgic33

    I think we have another 3 Amigos thing going with this team. Askew, Mintz, and Boston take most of the shots, dribble more than they pass, and pass it when they see there is a good chance it will come back to them. Dontaie has thrown more alley oop passes for scores than anyone on the team. Why is that? Calipari sets up a 100 year old play where Allen starts on the weak side and then runs around screens to the ball side, but the Amigos always reverse the ball before Allen gets there. If Dontaie good 17 decent shots a game, he would be a 30+ point scorer. As it is, the Amigos only pass it to him when they see he is covered. That is Calipari basketball in a nutshell. Boston has had 2 better games, but the come at the expense of the rest of the team, excluding the other 2 Amigos. Calipari will not change that. He would rather see Boston become a 20+ point scorer and be a first round pick, even if it means losing the rest of our games. He would view that as a successful outcome. For those who think we are getting better, the game in Tuscaloosa will show you just how wrong you are. The game coming up against Texas could surpass the asswhooping that Kansas gave Pitino his first season here. This could all be different if the 3 Amigos get the flu and miss a few games. That kind of addition by subtraction is the only thing that can salvage this season.

      • Larry Vaught Post author

        Amen Cats79. We had this problem once before and do not want to see personal attacks between certain readers again

  2. Cats79

    I for one been critical of Cal, but I keep cheering them on because there’s been a lot of discussion of been criticized the players which is not fair to them there just humans like we are. They play with heart yesterday and good win that we needed. Sometimes we got to take fhe lumps the we have been enduring this season because I think we’ve been spoil over the years of winning most of the games. Go Cats!

  3. T.J. Osborne

    Should be a fan team not an nba thats one thing that is wrongs Cal likes to brag how many million airs he has made instead of wins its a fans game not NBA PLAYERS GET WITH IT BIG CAL

  4. T.J. Osborne

    Uk needs to run and shoot the ball eveybody looks like they are afraid to shoot shoot got 50-50 chance to score if you don’t shoot to don’t win run and gun like it use to be been a fan for 72 years enuff is enuff


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