Dream came true for Landon Young but he knows it is all business now in the NFL

Landon Young (UK Athletics Photo)

Landon Young was not sure when he would hear his name called during the NFL draft but he was confident after his Pro Day workout that he would be drafted. The University of Kentucky offensive lineman had his weight at 315 pounds like NFL teams wanted and had indicated he was able and willing to play either tackle or guard position.

“This is all business now. You are going to compete for a job where you play against the best in the world,” Young said before the draft. “How many people get to say they go to a job every day and absolutely love that job. But at the end of the day, you are competing against a guy trying to feed his family. You have got to say I want your incoming, I am taking your job and this job is mine now.”

Young’s dream came true when New Orleans picked him in the sixth round Saturday. Young is the first Kentucky native to play at UK and get drafted since safety Winston Guy in 2012.

After his selection he was asked about being from Lexington and going to the “big city” in New Orleans.

“I got married in June and it will be a chance for me and my wife to travel and play the game I love,” Young said. “How many kids get to do this? Getting to play football and do it as a job has been my dream since I was a little kid and it became a reality today. I am excited to travel to different stadiums and live in New Orleans, somewhere I have visited.”

He also explained to New Orleans media members that he had been working on his versatility so he could play more than one offensive line position.

Young said he’s been told about the “rookie wall” that first-year players hit after being used to a 12-game college season with maybe a bowl game compared to a 17-game NFL schedule plus exhibition games and playoff games along with offseason camps.

“It’s easy to hit that rookie wall mentally,” he said. “You have got to be mentally right to go through a whole season going against the best players in the world. You are not going where the game is not going to be challenging.”

One thought on “Dream came true for Landon Young but he knows it is all business now in the NFL

  1. LarryPup

    So glad for Landon, he is one of my all time favorites. He earned it. Good luck and go get em!!!!


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