Sahvir Wheeler having a crazy amount of fun at Kentucky

Sahvir Wheeler and his teammates rode a train last week to a camp at Oldham County. (UK Athletics Photo)

Sahvir Wheeler has to be one of the most outgoing Kentucky basketball players in recent years. He has that same type personality that Tyrese Maxey did and the same infectious smile.

Those who have watched him at Kentucky satellite basketball camps the last two weeks say he’s been as popular with UK fans/campers as he has been with UK media members because of his terrific quotes.

“I have been having a crazy amount of fun,” Wheeler said. “The amount of kids and parents who know my story is amazing. Just everyone knowing my name and showing the love and how happy they are I am here ….

“You can also see the impact of signing autographs and taking pictures impacts campers. It (the camps) has been super cool and super surreal.”

It has been just as “cool” for the Georgia transfer to learn more about his new teammates during the camps and summer pickup games.

“I learn something new every time we play. A guy shows me something he didn’t do previously,” Wheeler said. “A lot of things are super surprising, but also to know, man, these guys are good, too.”

Those teammates also are learning just how competitive and driven Wheeler is and how demanding he might be on the court.

“I treat every game like it is my last game and try to win every game,” Wheeler said. “I am representing UK, Big Blue Nation. It is a great program and we demand a lot. I look forward to that challenge to make a run at a national championship.”

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