Timing right this time for Mark Schult to join Centre College basketball program

Former Covington Catholic basketball player Mark Schult wants to eventually be a head coach and is looking forward to learning from Centre College head coach Greg Mason.

After he helped Covington Catholic win the 2014 Kentucky state high school championship, one of the schools recruiting Mark Schult was Centre College and coach Greg Mason.

“Centre was a place I really wanted to come to but just was not able to make it happen,” said Schult.

However, Mason was more successful with his second recruitment of Schult as he is now the Centre College men’s basketball assistant coach.

“When this opportunity presented itself and I was looking at what he built here and the success he’s had, this was a great opportunity for me to learn and be part of what he has built,” Schult, who has been Division II University of West Georgia the last two years, said. “He is so easy to get along with. That’s why he has so many good friends.”

Schult admits he wants to be a head coach eventually but also understands what his priority is.

“Be where your feet are. The most important thing is my job at Centre,” Schult said. “Absolutely working for coach Mason can help me eventually with my dream to be a head coach. Even as we were talking during the interview process, we went on the floor and went over some drills and what they do in practice. I am anxious to see him (Mason) in action.”

Schult reached out to Mason as soon as he saw Centre had a staff opening. He had seen Mason a few years ago when both were recruiting and said they “always got along well” then.

The new Centre College assistant coach also had two friends — Covington Catholic grads Danny Noll and Matt Nestheide — who had nothing but great things to say about Mason and the Centre program.

“Fortunately my oldest brother Bill was a teammate of both of them. He helped me reach out to them and they could not speak higher of Centre and coach Mason. Of course, that was what I expected from all I already knew and had heard,” Schult said.

What will Schult be able to add to a program that is used to winning?

“I think I will be able to add great energy and enthusiasm,” Schult said. “That is something simple but when coaching my experience says players feed off you. If you bring energy and stay enthusiastic and are ready to improve,  that is contagious. I hope to bring that to the program and department, but I also plan be a sponge learning all I can from coach Mason.”

Schult understands recruiting is a bit different at NCAA Division III Centre College based on his own recruitment.

“You do not have scholarships and have high academics. I have to draw on my experience of being recruited (he eventually went to Wittenberg University),” Schult, who helped West Georgia overcome a 1-5 start to win 10 straight and make the NCAA tourney, said. “It is going to be an adjustment and I will learn. I have a lot of friends in Division III who have helped me a lot, so I will just keep being a continuous learner.”

Schult is ready to devote all the time needed to the basketball program.

“I am single and this is a unique time. Being young like I am, it is the best time for me to make this kind of move. I just love investing in student-athletes and helping them all I can,” Schult said. “I really think this is going to be a great, great experience.”

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