Sahvir Wheeler confident veteran leadership will help Cats

Sahvir Wheeler believes having him and Oscar Tshiebwe back will make it easier on coach John Calipari this year. (Vicky Graff Photo)

If senior point guard Sahvir Wheeler is right, it is going to help Kentucky a lot having players like Oscar Tshiebwe and himself back after playing one year under John Calipari.

“When they (teammates) make mistakes, just being able to be like ‘Hey man, it’s good, you’re good.’ It’s all part of the growing process and all part of learning and going into a new environment where you aren’t totally comfortable, you’re gonna make mistakes,” Wheeler said.

“Things are gonna happen that don’t go your way. Us being that calming presence — it’s happened to the best of us.”

Wheeler understands the impact an older, experienced teammate can have when a player is having a bad game because it has happened to him.

“I feel like that’s already happened with some of the workouts. Guys might get a little frustrated, like bro it’s new, it’s completely new. You’ve never ran this hard, you’ve never worked this hard before in your life, it’s all right, we’re gonna be with you every step of the way,” Wheeler said.

“I think Oscar and I have done a really good job and continue to do that with the rest of our teammates, just picking each other up, lifting each other, empowering each other, to work hard and be the best versions of ourselves.”

3 Responses

  1. This team will thrive or struggle based on how Sahvir plays. If he plays to make the team the best it can be (where he has more assists plus steals minus turnovers than shots taken), it will be a good season. If he plays to enhance his draft stock, it will be a dismal season.

    1. Take this b.s. somewhere else! I’m so sick of reading trash like this. This is a kid you’re talking about. I bet he leads this team further than we’ve been in a long time. Go Cats!!! Way to lead Wheeler!

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