No Matter How Tennessee Fans React, Will Levis Remains a UK Guy for Life


Will Levis

Tennessee football fans don’t have a lot of respect for Kentucky because of the way the Vols have dominated the annual series. Many of those Volunteer fans are also Tennessee Titans fans which poses a bit of a quandary for former UK quarterback Will Levis.

The Titans picked Levis in the second round of the April NFL draft and he’s competing for the backup job going into his first NFL season. However, Levis said recently on “104.5 The Zone’s The Buck Reising Show” live at the Titans training camp that so far all fans had been nice to him.

“I don’t know what it’s like on social media or whatever, but everyone that I’ve met in person, and that I’ve been able to meet and just fan wise — and a lot of them have been Tennessee (Vols) fans — have been very open or very welcoming and loving,” the former Kentucky quarterback said.

“So I mean it’s been great. I’m just gonna go out there and try to make all the supporters of this team as proud as I can with how I play on the field. And that’s all I can do.”

However, he’s not going to abandon his UK roots.

“Obviously, I’ll be a Kentucky guy for life. And with as many Tennessee fans as there are here, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out,” Levis said.

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  1. I hope Levis is successful, but he will more than likely run into some mouthy Tennessee fans in due time. They can’t help themselves. The definition of the word "cocky" is "UT fan." Kentucky usually chokes when they face that bunch in football. It’s a game most long time Kentucky football fans look forward to, but have have been tormented by UT way to much to call it a rivalry. UK needs to start dominating Tennessee for a few years, but they can’t seem to get it done. That has to change starting this year! UT recruits well, and usually out coaches UK on the gridiron. I would like to see Kentucky run the score up on the ugly orange this year with the team they claim to have now, we’ll see. UT deserves a butt kicking. They cheat, that has been proven, especially under Pruitt, and who knows who else.

  2. You are so right Larry. Tennessee fans would cut their noses to spite their face as my grandmother would say then to root for a former Kentucky player. Get over it he’s a Titan now. I hope Will balls out and becomes the greatest quarterback the Titans ever had!

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