Running back Chris Rodriguez has been at every summer workout


Chris Rodriguez has been at every workout this summer according to UK offensive line coach Zach Yenser. (UK Athletics Photo)

Will running back Chris Rodriguez be in the starting lineup when Kentucky opens their season?

That’s a question most Kentucky football fans have been speculating about since the star running back’s DUI arrest and guilty plea — not to mention another “potential” roadblock to him playing that has been the subject of a lot of speculation.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops has said nothing about Rodriguez but that will change Wednesday in Atlanta when the coach, quarterback Will Levis, offensive lineman Kenneth Horsey and linebacker DeAndre Square arrive for Southeastern Conference Media Days.

It might not be the first question Stoops is asked, but it will be among the first and should be.

Rodriguez is the SEC’s leading returning rusher after running for 1,379 yards — fifth on UK’s single season list in n 2021 when he averaged 106.1 yards per game and had nine 100-yard games. He also had 13 receptions for 61 yards and three touchdowns and new offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello openly talked about getting him even more involved in the passing game during spring practice.
Rodriguez has 2,740 career rushing yards (sixth on UK’s career list), 26 career touchdowns (tied for second on UK’s career list) and 15 100-yard games (third in school history).

“I really like our running back room. We have got some very talented ones who will be in our wide zone attack,” new UK offensive line coach Zach Yenser said Tuesday at the Louisville Quarterback Club.

But will Rodriguez play? Is there any truth to the speculation that he might not play or at least miss some games?

“Chris is there with us now working out,” Yenser told the Louisville Quarterback Club members. “I have not been told anything different. He has been getting ready for the season and has been at every workout.”

“I know he makes me a better football coach. That’s all I know.”

And all I know is that Rodriguez on the field makes Kentucky a better team.

Now we’ll see what updates Stoops provides Wednesday in Atlanta.

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  1. Why all of the cloak and dagger stuff? Something is still in the mix here and it’s serious enough to keep this an undecided issue this close to the beginning of the season. My gut says there is still a chance he gets to play or he would not be practicing like he is. The DUI is a given. What else happened with this incident?

    1. Right on whodat! IMO, if Stoops don’t play this young man there is a lot more to this story than a DUI. Besides, Stoops, and all of those in that well known Kentucky industry push and promote booze all the time. To many that’s cool, and good business they think, but somehow C Rod is a liability and needs to be punished now for his DUI, and whatever else he did, probably while under the influence.

      I am in no way condoning what he did, but many that occupy important positions in high places in Kentucky push this rot gut all over this state. People drink it, and bad things happen. Surprise surprise!! Then everybody complains and whines about it. My goodness, Coach’s opening remarks at SEC Media days Wednesday was a promise to send a bottle of Bourbon to Commissioner Sankey. Meant to be funny I guess, but really Coach?

      I say play C Rod. Doing that is no worse than having to play against all the "pay for play" super dudes on SEC teams UK will have to face. What do I think? I think Stoops will SIT this all world RB for several games to Kentucky’s detriment. I smell losses also if he does. That is how much I respect C Rod as a player. He has proven his worth as a player time and time again. He deserves to play in 2022. Find other ways to discipline him. If you are going to publicly push and glamorize booze, then don’t get all bent out of shape when bad things happen.

      1. Bad things happen to people who CANT handle their booze. Plenty of people can drink responsibility and enjoy a spirit created in the wonderful state of Kentucky. Stop preaching.

        1. Well if one of your loved ones ever gets cut out of a car and dies in a shock trama center because of a drunk driver it may change your thought pattern some. Yeah, some can drink responsibly, some can’t, and that’s the problem. Some of us don’t have to like it is all I’m saying.

  2. I am not sure that this "mystery" infraction has anything to do with the DUI. Something else is in the mix here. It makes one think that it could be a team issue versus a state law issue. Now is not the time to make an example of a good kid who made a mistake. A judge will deal with the state law infraction and CRod will not walk away from this unscathed. Pup is right, there are other ways to discipline the kid without punishing the team at the same time. Hopefully Stoops is not developing a "god" complex like Pitino did thinking his coaching ability could overcome anything (not playing Derek Anderson against Arizona in the 1997 championship game)

  3. You make a mistake and own up to it I’m gonna forgive you learn from it and grow from it are any of you perfect if so they would have crucified you

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