Oscar Tshiebwe will always have time for fans


Any time he gets a chance, Oscar Tshiebwe is going to sign autographs and talk with fans. (UK Athletics Photo)

Kentucky always limits access to UK athletes, but especially when it comes to John Calipari’s players. Obviously, the demand would be non-stop if there were no limitations but one player who often ignores the restrictions is All-American center Oscar Tshiebwe.

Last season he was often the last player to leave Rupp Arena after games because he was signing autographs and/or posing for pictures. Fans lined up as soon as the game ended many times last year just hoping Tshiebwe would show up to greet them — and most games he did.

Other UK athletes have capitalized on the new name, image and likeness possibilities to sell autographs/pictures. Tshiebwe is still old school and likes to accommodate fans as much as possible.

“Sometimes it’s not about money. Sometimes it’s about the love you can share. Love is much more powerful than money,” Tshiebwe said. “When you do things just for love, God will always pay you back.”

Tshiebwe says his success at UK after transferring from West Virginia is proof of God more than paying him back for his good deeds.

“God is doing it because of what I’ve been giving, so that’s why I always take time for fans if I can. I will do whatever they want,” he said. “I know fans love me but I also love fans, especially little kids.”

“I will do anything for little kids. I want to be able to teach them about God. That’s what I love to do and really  what I want to do.”

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  1. Oscar’s character is awesome. Even though he might end up taking a step backwards by coming back this year, he continues to do good to everyone he comes in contact with. That might cause him to miss out on a guaranteed contract next year, but whichever team picks him will find that they have an outstanding ambassador that will not only help their team’s image, but also polish up the image of the NBA in the process. He may not make a sub .500 team a title contender, but he will sell tickets and be a fan favorite. Maybe the NBA will institute an NIL program to help Oscar make up the difference and stay competitive with the college game.

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