Aaron Bradshaw Injury Could be Devastating for Kentucky


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Kentucky’s roster has a lot of questions going into the 2023-24 season and now has one more that could be devastating.

Seven-footer Aaron Bradshaw, a consensus top five player in the 2023 recruiting class, has suffered a broken foot and will need surgery and could miss the start of the season according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Charania noted in his Twitter post Friday that the “program is optimistic on full recovery” but UK coach John Calipari’s history with injured players coming back is not impressive and this has to be a major concern.

Calipari has not commented on the report which first surfaced a few weeks before Bradshaw’s recent arrival but no specifics were ever mentioned until Charania’s report.

During a scheduled press conference Friday, UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart declined to comment on Bradshaw when asked by the Lexington Herald-Leader about Charania’s report.

Bradshaw is being counted on to be a defensive shot blocker that UK has missed for a team that will be composed mainly of freshmen. Sophomore Ugonna Onyenso, who barely played last season, is UK’s only current interior player. Onyenso is a true center while Bradshaw had made it clear he preferred to play the 4 where Calipari has said he might be the team’s best shooter.

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  1. I really don’t understand what’s going on with Bradshaw. I saw a video of him working with campers and he looked fine. No boot, no limp.

  2. Klutch sports will make the decision on whether he plays a game for UK. Same handlers of Shadeon Sharpe.

    I say Bradshaw rides the pine and draws NIL $$$$. Then on to the NBA next June.

  3. There will no explanation from Calipari one way or the other. Speculation will rule the day, day after day.

    This development is Classic Calipari’s Players’ First Procedures.

  4. If he has a hairline fracture, it is understandable not to limp. Also, that is something he will need to be very careful with. Remember Sam Bowie and his foot problems. Don’t want that for Bradshaw.
    When it comes down to it, his health decisions are his and his alone. I will not begrudge a player for being cautious when it comes to his future health.

    On the other hand, we have already been told that Ugo will be a superstar this year as one of the best centers in college basketball. I hope that pans out and there is only one way to find out.

  5. The more I think about this the more I believe this is more evidence that Calipari’s player’s first emphasis is all wrong for the UK basketball program.

    Get players who want to be HERE to PLAY basketball to COMPETE FOR NCAA Championships, not a quick and easy path to NBA riches.

  6. Off subject..I am curious about Thiero. Under the radar player who I think is poised to explode.

  7. He found out a month ago he had a fractured foot. He’ll wait about 3 or 4 more weeks and announce that he’s having season ending surgery.

    1. Bradshaw has since cool down the report about he will be out 4-6 months. He stated maybe couple months the surgery wasn’t his call it was his agent.

  8. I don’t think Shams Charania knows what he is talking about. Another hack I never heard of trying to get clicks by running with a rumor.

  9. Just wait and see how things play out. If Bradshaw doesn’t take the court in Canada then he’s injured. Furthermore, if he sits and hasn’t had surgery by mid-late July don’t expect him to play much if at all this season. Read the tea leaves BBN.

  10. I am done believing these players lies. Look at Wheeler. Look at what Calipari said about Sharpe. Vanderbilt. Clarke. Bradshaw will be a cheerleader this year. The only player that’ll give a crap this season will be Reed Shepherd.

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