JJ Weaver on Tennessee, Florida, Dirty Football and More


JJ Weaver at SEC Media Day (SEC Photo)

Kentucky senior linebacker JJ Weaver should be one of the leaders of the Kentucky defense this year and certainly was a big hit at SEC Football Media Days in Nashville.

He was entertaining, honest and also very optimistic about UK’s future.

Here are a few leftovers from Weaver’s media session that I thought you might enjoy.

Q. What have you seen in your battles with Tennessee?

J.J. WEAVER: “I don’t know, man. They got us this year. I’ll talk on this year coming up. We are going to be ready and physical for them boys, for sure.”

Q. You said the words ‘dirty football.’ What does that look like for Kentucky?

J.J. WEAVER: “Man, just finish the play. Even when the whistle blows, keep going, driving, putting your hands on somebody, tackle whoever got the ball. Just being that force, bringing back that powerful UK.”

Q. Florida had the upper hand in the Florida-Kentucky series for a long time. What would it mean to beat Florida for a third straight year?

J.J. WEAVER: “It would be good. Getting to our goals, accomplishing the goals we always set every other year. Beating Florida, we’re going to feel accomplished to the goals we set for ourselves, so…”

Q. What would a successful season look like to you?

J.J. WEAVER: “Going to a straight eighth bowl game. We’ve been to seven bowl games straight. If we go to eight bowl games straight, it’s a success for us.”

Q. What signs have you seen this off-season or evidence that you will take kind of a step forward and get back to a few years ago, double-digit wins?

J.J. WEAVER: “Being consistent, going back to that. Being consistent with everything we do. We can’t take no days off, no relax day. We just got to be consistent, hit everything hard.”

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  1. I like what he said, especially about Tennessee. That cocky bunch needs a dose of big bad Kentucky defense. It’s time Cats!!!!

  2. Yeah especially after how the game went down last season. If there one game on schedule that I want UK to win its against the worst fan base in America . University of Tennessee

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