Mark Stoops Pleased with Cats’ Pace of Play


Kentucky fans got their first look at a faster offense Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

If there was one thing most Kentucky fans were interested in seeing at Saturday’s Blue-White Game, it was the pace of play for the offense.

Kentucky’s offense was way too slow last year. No matter who was at fault, the offense simply did not get off enough plays or operate efficiently.

New offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan had promised the pace of play would be faster most of the time unless UK was possibly trying to protect a lead and control the clock. Saturday the offense was faster and having a mobile quarterback like Brock Vandagriff should help.

“I’m pleased, I think you can see the operation. I think you can see offensively some pace,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after the game. “I was glancing – you guys (in the media) may have looked. I always like keeping my eye on it in that situation.

“It seemed to me that the ball was snapped in about 20 seconds just about every time. You guys may have analyzed it better than I had my first glance looking at it. It looked like we were getting some plays in and out and guys were getting the formations and executing.

“We have some playmakers, again, with coach Hamdan. It’s always difficult because certain things you are doing and certain things you are working on, you don’t want to put too much out there that’s going to be totally open via the Internet or filmed for people to watch. But I’m pleased.”

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  1. I just hope we have our whole team healthy for the first game. I want to see a high octane offense. This year the offensive line is going to make or break us, but from what I’m hearing our line is the best its been since the big blue wall received its name. If that’s the case then Key and Brown should have monster years. I think Maclin starts the slot but Brown Stephens is on his ankles. Both players will play a ton of snaps. I’m anxious to see who takes off besides them 4 receivers. I’m placing my bet for Farrier by a hair. I think Cottrell gets some snaps the same with Porter then you have Gilmore. I would play Gilmore the 4 games without burning his redshirt. We have so much depth you can redshift Gilmore so next spring he will be 18 and already have some experience from playing in 2024. If he is as dynamic as they say he is you might not be able to keep him off the field. Chip is a stud. Stops doesn’t like to brag on his best players to much because he wants to surprise the defense and surprise the other coaching staff. I think chip run for over 1,200 yards. He’s a workhorse. He’s in the gym everyday getting better. He’s built like a NFL back.

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