Trent Noah’s Family Has No Animosity Toward John Calipari


Stacy and Trent Noah

Many University of Kentucky fans, especially in eastern Kentucky, were disappointed that former UK coach John Calipari did not recruit Trent Noah.

The 6-6 guard averaged 29.9 points and 10.4 points per game as a senior at Harlan County and made 102 3-pointers. He ended his career with 3,707 points, the fifth most in state history.

However, Noah never got a Kentucky offer and signed with SEC rival South Carolina. Later he led Harlan County to the state title game and had 48 points in a state tourney comeback win in the quarterfinals. He also set a state tourney record previously held by Mason County’s Chris Lofton by making 19 3-pointers.

Kentucky was his “dream” school and now he’s going to get to play there. He decommitted from South Carolina and once new UK coach Mark Pope reached out, Noah committed to the Wildcats.

“It was a stressful time,” said Stacy Noah, Trent’s mother on WLAP Sunday Morning Sports Talk. “It was not a quick decision (to de-commit). There were weeks of talks and prayers. Once the decision was made it was pretty amazing. He did have a lot of schools reach out but his goal was to be closer to home.

“Kentucky, without question, was his dream school and he was overjoyed when he did get a call from coach Pope.”

However, she made it clear there was no animosity toward Calipari and his staff for not offering her son a scholarship.

“We recognize different teams have different parts to fit into their puzzle and coaching style,” Stacy Noah said. “Different teams need different things and that’s okay.

“We were so thankful for the schools and coaches interested in him. We were just embracing the journey and thankful it has all worked out the way it did.”

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  1. That’s ok because the rest of BBN is elated that the FRAUD tucked his tail and ran off to Fayetteville like a scalded dog! Now they can deal with his "players first" bullshit and be first round losers in the SEC tourney.

    1. At least he’s not associated with our program anymore. I am so happy for arky lol!!!!!

    2. He’s getting ready to beat UK too. So that’s the next whining you crop of fans will make come into existence and I will love it! lol 💯

      1. Dear Arkansas fan, I’m sure you guys feel like you’re at the top of the Mountain right now, & that’s fine. You guys haven’t been there for awhile and you want to embrace it. You just landed the greatest pre-season coach of all time. He’ll likely get the best 17 year olds available which always gets him ranked among the top five teams without ever playing a single game. All I’m gonna say is, just wait until the season starts. By December you will see why we were fed up with him .

        1. Lets look towards the future. Enough of the negativity. I was probably the biggest abuser of negativity about Calipari. Coach Pope needs are positive support. Go Cats!

        2. Arkansas has went to 2 elite 8’s and a sweet 16 in the last 5 years. What has Kentucky? That’s right nothing! 😂😂😂

  2. Cal only cared about how many stars was next to the name. Even when some kids are impossible to play together. It really hurts because egos have killed some of our teams and now that the ego maniac is gone he can take his self before team stuff with him. If I was Noah and knew I was the 12th or 13rh man on the team I would ask for a red shirt. I know next year he’s going to get some playing time. Unless when we play small ball maybe he plays the 4. I would rather he not waste a year we are loaded at the 2 and 3. Especially if we get Lanier or Robinson. It would be nice for Noah to grow a couple inches I don’t know if he’s done growing. I think he is a big part of Kentucky basketball for the next 4 years. Perry Noah and Chandler are going to be a 3 headed monster for the next 2-4 years.

    1. Your not Noah, and this kid it going to do great at Ky. He has the Ky blue blood running threw his veins, like Perry, and they both will be awesome for Ky. This is as exciting as it gets for all of us Ky fans. That guy that left here was a great recruiter, but he sucked under pressure. And no body in the country had more pressure on them then the Oakland game ‘GUARANTEED’ 😂

  3. I didn’t read the entire article, but they made the politically correct comments for the media to publish. Nothing gained if they said anything about the rat-fraud.

    + 1 great #5 all-time scorer
    in KY HS

    — 1 fraud

    The net gain is immeasurable !!!!

      1. Barry Bitchett, the biggest crybaby sissy in the country! When you get your welfare check Larry V will probably hold the bet. If you can steal $100 from your mommy.

    1. This information is 109% wrong. He doesn’t even appear on the top 25 all time scoring list. Get your facts straight and quit embarrassing yourself with your ignorance

  4. You forgot to mention how the family dicked over South Carolina. Cal didn’t want a player that wouldn’t make the 2 deep on his rooster. He would be a solid player at most schools, but I’m not sure he does much at UK.

  5. I really believe Ky high school kids have been overlooked for to long, and there have been different ones that would have done great things at UK, had they been given the respect that they should have gotten.
    I live in Utah, and watched coack Pope at BYU this past year, and I was telling my brother, I hope we don’t play BYU or Utah in the tourney

    1. Thank KP Cat fan. Living in Utah you probably know more about Pope’s coaching than most of us

  6. Anyone who has enough discernment as it regards Caliphony could care less about what Jimmy thinks. He is gone and the state of the program, WIN, LOSE, or DRAW is better already for hiring Mark Pope. How anyone would want to stomach one more year of the fat fraud is beyond my ability to comprehend. Are you really that stupid to not see the guy was a fraud. Besides, he can’t coach. Period.

  7. Glad to see Mark is recruiting Kentucky kids again. Kids such as Trent are are what we need because they know what UK really means. Let’s puts UK back where it belongs. GO BIG BLUE.

    1. John allow me to echo your every word. Cal was/is one of the best recruiting coaches. We has the best game coach and one of the best recruiting coaches ever in Pitino. I believe Mark is going to be an in game coach the likes of Pitino and will become one of the best recruiting coaches soon. After all, he will be recruiting to one of the best all time blue bloods after doing a great job recruiting at BYU. For those not familiar with recruiting to BYU……If you think it’s difficult to recruit to KY due to school standards just take a look at what guys MUST do to go to BYU. PLEASE allow me one last thought….Cal takes all these players with him to Arkansas as he claims he is all about the players. PLEASE explain what lies must come out of Cals mouth to get guys he holds back to follow him. Take Big Z, he only got to play because of BBN, and even then he was held back by Cal, Ugonso would have been great this year, I could go on and on but the truth is if they don’t have 5 star and then play Cals game instead of utilizing you for the reason he recruited you, made you stronger where you’re weakest then those guys transfer out and become GREAT. Heck you can go back years naming sooooo many that transfered out because Cal didn’t know how to make them better because WHY…. Back to the original statement it’s one big circle, Cal could not coach. I coached HS ball and I could have taken that many 5 star number one recruiting classes further then he did. Good luck Arkansas though. Yall just lost the best coach there in the last 25 years.

  8. Coach Cal as we all know was a great recruiter, how ever as a Cat fan for 78 years in my opinion he was not a good game coach. It will be interesting & entertaining for me next year to watch Mark Pope coach his team & see some players stay at Kentucky for more than one year.

  9. Look I enjoyed cal and his recruits and rooted for him til the day he left and now I will root wholeheartedly for pope. Cal biggest problem was the invention of transfer portal. He never fully embraced it cause most of these kids are not draft picks but the facts are they are mostly better college players than 90 percent of freshman if not more. Now he is talking of only bringing 7 or 8 players in at arkansas because he don’t want to develop kids that will transfer and more money for top end guys. That said I have fully enjoyed all of our top draft picks but times have changed and that does not win at college level anymore. Just ask uconn and Villanova or maybe ask Duke cause they couldn’t win in this Era with zion and the boys

  10. Glad Cal is gone. He lost me and most of BBN when he took a knee. That’s some kind of legacy!! Can’t wait till he brings his Hogs to Rupp!! Hope he gets the same kind of reception that Pitino got on his first trip with his Cards. Trent Noah wil be a really good player for the Cats.

  11. It’s this Simple….Cal recruited NBA caliber players.. If he felt they had no chance of going to the NBA then he did not recruit them.. That’s how Cal made his living.. If you don’t believe me, Take a look at how many players went to the NBA during Cals tenure… Cal was a slave to the system he built.. He is not the best Xs &Os coach.. So he evened that out with 5* recruits… The biggest problem was that he was only concerned about getting them to the nba at the end.. He Wasn’t worried about the people who pay his check, It’s just as long as the kid got to the nba.. But if everyone puts their self in his shoes, Yall Iwould want him to get your kid as far as he could to.. He was doing the right thing in one sense… But he could not sea talent down the road… And I mean by that, Players that will be good later on… We all know Trents a Hell of a BB player.. One other aspect is that the talent that he played against in Kentucky is not what it is in the rest of the country…If you go to New York or Chicago you play against teams that has 5 or si’ve worked 6 college ready players on every team… In Eastern Kentucky there’s not as much competition… So that’s another thing that he went by.. I’m from Pike County Kentucky, before anyone says that idk… I’m really excited to see Trent Noah play.. I’m so glad he ended up on UKs team.. Kentucky should start recruiting in Eastern Kentucky more often.. There have been players through the years that has slipped through and has been good college ball players that Kentucky never even batted an eye at.. Is anybody remember Jr. Vanhoose that went to Marshal and he set all kinds of records there.. I’m pretty sure that UK never Is recruited him.. There have been too many kids not yet recruited because they are from Eastern Kentucky. I hope coach Pope changes that.

    1. I like most of what you said; However, I believe Van Hoose went to UK, but left very quick. He cited homesick

  12. Oh give me a break. This kid doesn’t have the talent for a Kentucky team. His offer from Pope was purely political and to fill a spot on the roster.

  13. It’s about recruiting kids that love UK basketball and good coaches understand the importance of that!

  14. Let me tell you something. Back in 2015 Kentcky had the opportunity to be anointed the greatest college basketball team ever. Could you imagine going 40-0 and winning the National Championship in today’s era of competition. Now, let me tell you something else. Who made the decision to keep Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis on the bench during Wisconsins late rally which upended Kentuckys place in history. Karl Anthony Towns was practically unstoppable and the Harrison twins weren’t getting it done. I was yelling at the TV saying, "put Booker and Tyler in coach." That day I lost all confidence in John Calipari as the Head Coach of Kentucky Basketball.

  15. Cal had a good run from 2010-15. Left 3 championships on the table though. Obviously the last several years led to nothing more than his push to get kids a paycheck. UK basketball is WAY bigger than the Calipari name or his brand. He’ll find recruiting to Arkansas much more difficult after this years UK crop follows him to the Backs. Flame out in 5 years, legacy tarnished.

  16. I loved Cal in the beginning. He was an awesome recruiter; but only an average in-game coach, especially near the end of a game. I attended the 2015 Final 4 game in Indy and the last few minutes Wisconsin was horrific. Yes, he won ONE championship, but there should have been 2-3 more with all the talent he recruited. I hated how his tenure at UK ended but now we must move on with Pope. I attended his introductory news conference at Rupp and was so impressed with his enthusiasm and his genuine love for UK came through. He truly wants to be here. I can’t wait for the season to start. He came to the recruiting game a bit late but I do like our team and think we will be fine. I am not just hoping for a good season; heck, WE ARE UK, I am hoping for NUMBER 9. Let’s give our new coach a bit of time. He needs our support and we need him. GO CATS!

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