SkyLand Ranch Murder Mystery Show Makes for a Fun Night


Three sisters from Ireland helped us figure out who did the crime at the SkyLand Ranch murder mystery show.

If you are looking for a fun but different family night in the Great Smoky Mountains, consider a visit to SkyLand Ranch in Sevierville to be part of the new “Rancher’s Revenge: A Murder Mystery Show.”

SkyLand Ranch always offers some spectacular views after either your chairlift or bus ride to the top along with some terrific speciality acts. However, this visit was all about the interactive dinner show.

This meal made for a great start to the SkyLand Ranch mystery dinner show. (Larry Vaught Photo)

It was actually raining lightly when we arrived but the show goes on in all weather conditions. The show was moved to the covered patio area and everything was fine, including the dinner of BBQ pulled pork, smoked chicken, roasted corn on the cob, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, rolls and a brownie sundae.

What I really liked even before the murder mystery show started was that we were joined at our picnic table by four women and a child not yet 1 year old. The four — three sisters and their mother — were from Ireland. Two of the sisters now live in Wisconsin with their husbands and children. The mother and other sister came to visit and they took a “girls trip” to the Smoky Mountains.

Cast members waited to greet guests after the show ended. (Larry Vaught Photo)

The murder mystery set is on Williford Ranch where Annie Williford has ranch hands to help her. Sheriff Wayne Callahan wants to acquire the ranch but he is shot and killed. Your challenge is to solve puzzles/clues to eliminate suspects and decide who committed the murder.

Thank goodness we had much needed help figuring out the puzzles and clues from our new Irish friends who were fabulous with their problem solving.

Three Irish sisters, and one infant, worked hard to solve the puzzles during the dinner show. (Larry Vaught Photo)

The show cast comes by each table to answer questions to help you solve the murder and you are even given a small bounty — once you figure out how to unlock the box containing the clues and coins — to bribe the characters to help you if needed.

It was a fun two hours made even better by random luck that put us at a table with four unique visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains and SkyLand Ranch. We enjoyed a terrific meal, some great scenery and a lot of laughs figuring out who the real murderer was.

The mystery dinner show runs through Aug. 29 from 6-8 p.m. It’s recommended you arrive by 5:15 to make sure you have time to be transported to the top before the show starts.

* * *

For more information on SkyLand Ranch (1620 Parkway, Sevierville TN, 37862) call 865-365-1883 or visit the website at

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