What is “granddad” Kellan Grady thankful for?

Kellan Grady is thankful to be playing at Kentucky. (UK Athletics Photo)

Today is Thanksgiving and that means different things to different people. Kentucky senior guard Kellan Grady, a Davidson graduate transfer, has a little different perspective than his teammates. He’s 24 years old — so old that other players jokingly call him “granddad” and consider him a “very old soul.”

He also has scored over 2,000 collegiate points and came to Kentucky hoping to have a chance to win a national championship.

So what is he thankful for this Thanksgiving?

“I’m not sure there’s a short answer for that. I’m incredibly thankful to be at the University of Kentucky to play on a team that is just filled with great teammates and high-quality guys,” Grady said after scoring 14 points in Monday’s win over Albany.

“Being able to play for a coach that’s invested in every player and wants to add value and help us win and know us on a more personal level. I’m thankful to have gotten a college degree and being able to come here and play.”

“I am thankful for my family and my friends. I guess good health as well, though I take that for granted.”

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  1. I wish we would of had Grady around for the last four season’s. He would have been a rare one being here that long, but with that said he may have been off to the NBA all so. IT’s all about getting the chance, and these kid’s are on the stage every game.
    Good luck Grady and keep playing hard.

  2. Grady is pressing a little but Sahvir is not looking for him like he used to either. We need Davion back. Sahvir and Ty Ty are playing too many minutes. There is no reason for Sahvir to take more than 10 shots with the shooters this team has.

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